About Me

One of my attempts at painting an ocean wave a few months after being a beginner:

Another attempt at a wave with watercolors after a year or two

My name is Shaheen and I am the author behind My Art Aspirations. My love for watercolors began a few years back. For me it served as a hobby that challenged me at the same time allowed me to relieve stress. 

Life can sometimes be difficult especially because there are so many situations in which you cannot control the outcome. To me, a blank page represented numerous possibilities and I did not have to worry about the outcome. I could control all the different shapes, and colors that went onto that piece of paper and it did not have to be perfect. Painting was a way I could allow myself to be creative. It was my place of peace and serenity, the one place I felt free. 

Looking back now I realize that I struggled a lot with grasping the ‘how to paint with watercolors, I sucked at the beginning. I chose watercolors as a medium because I found it to be challenging, and I must say that my efforts have been absolutely worth it. With the proper information and lots of practice along with trial and error, my skills slowly improved and are still improving. 

Like many others, I was just trying to figure out who I was and who I could be. This led me to think about what I am really passionate about. The first word that came to my mind was “watercolors” right after “art”. Many times I would hear people say “I can’t paint” “art is just not for me and I don’t have the talent”. But the truth is watercolor painting doesn’t always present itself in the form of natural talent; it’s a skill. And you can always learn a skill if you make the effort.

Thus, I began this blog because I wanted to reach out to those of you who have decided to learn something new which happens to be painting with watercolors. I want to help you overcome your challenges and struggles and to help you enjoy watercolor painting. I want to help you learn this SKILL 😉